about Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress

The Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress was founded by Ingrid Gee as a way to help others by sharing the hard lessons learned from a life of too much work, too little fun, too much “good” food and too little physical activity. Both faced a cancer diagnosis, Dan in 2004 and Amy in 2008. This was just the shock each needed to begin the long process of healing. Healing not just from the cancer but also of the entire person – body, mind and spirit.

What We Do
The Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress offers tools to help you heal from the inevitable wounds of life. Yoga and massage therapy, nutrition and dietary counseling, and stress mangement for the body and mind, and Holy Yoga for the spirit.

The Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress is located at 1100 Church St. in the Historic Village of Concord near the intersection of Northshore Dr. and Concord Rd. Nestled between Knoxville and Farragut, Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress is easily accessible from I-40, Pellissippi Parkway or Kingston Pike.

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