our massages

To request an appointment for massage services, click on the link for the service you desire or give us a call at 865.465.9660.

the restoration massage

Our Restoration Massage is handcrafted for your personal restoration. From relaxation and stress reduction to areas of chronic pain and tension, your therapist will design and deliver a truly customized massage using a variety of techniques, including classic (Swedish) massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, prenatal, reflexology and stretching.

restoration massage

(1 hour $80) (1.5 hours $110) (2 hours $150)

couples massage

Experiences are always best shared. Enjoy the Marble Cellar with a friend or family member. Utilizing the adjoining quiet room, the Marble Cellar is ideally suited for use as a single open space for your couples massage or can easily be partitioned to provide a higher level of personal privacy, if desired.

massage à la suite

(1 hour x 2 $140)

Our back to back couples massage is a client favorite as it lets you linger longer; while you receive your massage, your partner gets to relax in a luxurious spa robe and enjoy complimentary snacks and beverage; at the conclusion of your massage, you & your partner simply trade places and repeat the enjoyment. (total booking time 2 hours)

massage traditionelle

(1 hour x 2 $160) (1.5 hours x 2 $225)

With this traditional couples massage, you & your partner receive your massage together in the historic marble cellar. (total booking time 1 hour/1.5 hours)

massage les grande occasions

(1.25 hours x 2  + quiet time $250)

A special occasion calls for our grand occasion couples massage; this fusion of our traditionelle & massage a la suite begins with you & your partner receiving 75 minute massages together. After your massages, private time in the marble cellar lets  you experience the ultimate in relaxation together as you wrap yourself in luxurious spa robes, nestle into our handcrafted Argentine leather chairs and treat yourself to premium snacks & beverages. What a grand occasion to remember! (total booking time 1.75 hours)

body care

Besides feeling wonderful, body scrubs have several rejuvenating benefits for the skin. Body scrubs gently remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the outer layer of skin. This helps unclog pores and expose your skin’s underlying healthier layers. Body scrubs are very moisturizing. The natural oils produces by our skin are often lost during showering and bathing. Body scrubs have a rich, moisturizing base which provides needed hydration. Also, the removal of dead skin cells actually increases your skin’s ability to absorb moisture. In addition, the firm, circular motions used during a scrub help improve circulation and increase the skin’s firmness.

gbo body scrub

(1.5 hours $125) Enjoy the sweet smell of victory this season with our Go Big Orange Body Scrub.

the signature marble cellar massage

The Signature Marble Cellar Massage is a one-of-a-kind all-inclusive massage experience highly personalized for your senses – touch, lighting, sound, aroma, and refreshment. Each session provides 75 minutes of therapist time followed by private relaxation and refreshments in the adjoining quiet room. All session services, such as aromatherapy, hot towels are included in the cost of the Signature Marble Cellar Massage.

signature marble cellar massage

(1.25  hours + quiet time $150)

When you need to retreat to your own private oasis, the Iaomai Signature Marble Cellar Massage awaits you. Every second of this 105 minute all-inclusive session is exclusively for you – a completely private place to renew your body, your mind, and even your spirit.

nutrition therapy

Weight loss is an extremely personal journey. There’s so much more to it than simply eating less and exercising more. If you can’t happily eat any less, over the long term you will not eat any less. If you can’t happily exercise more, over the long term you will not exercise more. Iaomai’s Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist will help you create a food and nutrition plan that you can actually live with. We will help you make healthy choices that you can enjoy. Let’s face it, if what you’re doing to lose weight is not sustainable, your weight loss will not last. Your first nutrition therapy session will be an evaluation to determine if nutrition therapy is appropriate for you and, if so, to formulate a plan complementing your current healthcare measures.

nutrition therapy

(1 hour $80)