Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress offers private massage services for your personal healing & wellbeing. At Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress, we believe healing is more than just physical. It is also about how you think and feel within yourself. It’s something extremely personal and it’s also something private. Marble Cellar Massage @ bluedress is your private oasis where you will find that healing touch you crave.

Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress

Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress is a five-star massage service with a focus on healing your mind, body & soul. Be honest – we all need healing from time to time. For some people, that means physical healing. For others, it means taking some time out to quiet a busy mind. It can even be an opportunity to relax and make peace with the inevitable wounds of life.

At Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress we believe that no-one should be limited to healing just one aspect of their being. It’s more than just promoting physical health, mental stability or emotional well-being goes beyond limiting healing to any one aspect of our being. It is more than just physical health, mental stability or emotional wellbeing. Tru healing is interconnected through your whole self, acknowledging that each aspect of our wellbeing affects the others. We know this to be true: physical illness can lead to depression; mental stress may contribute to anxiety or panic attacks; grief may manifest physically or mentally in loss of activity, change in appetite or fear of the future.

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The Marble Cellar Difference

Why choose Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress? The answer is simple. Our service standards are above and beyond those of other spas. All of our massage therapists are among the most highly trained and specialized therapists in the industry. Every detail matters when it comes to offering our customers ultimate relaxation. All of our massages are completely customizable. Choose your own aromatherapy scents. Ask for the level of pressure you prefer. You can even choose your own music.

Young Living Aromatherapy Oils

Here at Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress we use a range of essential oils
and aromatherapy massage oils by Young Living. Selected aromas have been chosen to offer maximum relaxation during your visit. Living Young is a world leader in essential oils and produces only the highest quality products. Learn more about our aroma scents.


Iaomai Massage in Knoxville, TN
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The Setting

Ideally nestled just east of Farragut and west of Knoxville, The Marble Cellar Massage @bluedress is located in the Historic Village of Concord, a community established in 1854 with a rich history centered around Tennessee marble. Occupying the original site of Walt Woods’ marble finishing shop, his initials can still be seen today in the raw marble foundation walls of the Marble Cellar.

This historic setting offers a quiet and peaceful backdrop to escape the hustle and bustle of today’s hectic lifestyle and embrace a slower, more relaxed pace. Picturesque views from the Studio of Fort Loudon Lake and the Smoky Mountains inspire and renew, while tranquility and calm exude from a deep sense of connection to the earth in the Marble Cellar. This environment cultivates a serene and intimate atmosphere, ideal for fostering personal healing and well-being.

1100 Church Street
In the Historic Village of Concord
Knoxville, Tennessee 37934

Map & Directions

If you need assistance booking an appointment please email aly@marblecellarmassage.com and please leave your phone number we will be in touch within 24 hours to help answer any questions you may have! Please feel free to book online, our online booking is easy and instantly reserves your spot and choice of massage!